Pure Nature

In the Finnmark Alps

Focusing on sustainability The Glacier has chosen to build its facilities on pillars to minimize the imprint this destination makes on the nature. All meals served at this destination will be made with as many local products as possible. A close co-operation with local companies ensures that we can deliver a number of high-quality activities to our guests.

In Jøkelfjord there are hardly any street lights, making it an ideal place for Northern lights observations. We want to keep it this way and will not put up any street lights near our destination, outdoors lighting will be kept to a minimum. However, all of our guest will be fitted with a powerful headlamp to move about securely during the Polar Night season.

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The Service Building

You’ll find the service building just next to our igloos. A beautiful cabin built in Siberian Larch, strategically placed to give you the best views of the landscape and privacy from the surrounding settlements. The cabin has two luxurious bathrooms, sauna, hot tub, dining room, a staff kitchen and storage. All our guests have free access to all the facilities in the service building during their stay. The building has free high-speed WIFI!

Service building thumb