17 December 2019

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Whales are back

It is that time of the year, the snow has come, the weather is colder, the sun has left us for the winter but the whales are back!

As usual, the Orcas came first, hunting the Herring, these beautiful mammals hunt in packs, and are a truly awesome sight to see.

Shortly after the Orcas came the Humpback Whales, these giants are just a majestic sight! Last year one of the Humpback Whales got a tracker attached to it, and when it returned here this week, the scientists saw that this particular whale had been to Svalbard, then Iceland before taking the long trip to warmer waters in the Caribbean and now have returned to Kvænangen, this time with a calf of its own.

If you haven’t seen any whales in real life, this is something that we highly recommend.

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