Isbreen the Glacier

Sauna & Outdoors hot tub

Sauna & Outdoors hot tub

We offer a panorama sauna and outdoors hot tub.

The Sauna has a beautiful wall mounted stone heater, under seat lighting and a panorama view of the fjord.
It takes about 1,5h to heat the Sauna, and it can be programmed to reached your target temperature at a given time.
The sauna is made for up to 8 persons.

The outdoors hot tub has a circulation and rinsing system, keeping the water clean and fresh all the time.
It takes about 3h to heat and needs to be prebooked earlier that day or before arrival.
She outdoors hot tub is for up to 6 persons.

The Sauna is free to use, but please book a time with us prior to use.
The outdoors hot tub costs NOK 750 as a start-up cost for 2 persons, after that you pay NOK 250 per extra person.