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Huldrestein is a big boulder located in the forest 500m north-east of here, local lore has it that this is the home of the mythical creature Huldra. A beautiful creature in the form of a woman, wandering the woods looking for lost children and men that she could lure into her home, never to be seen again. The tail would be the only thing that would distinguish the Huldra from a regular woman.

This igloo is situated just beneath a small berg higher up in the terrain than the other igloos, giving you a sheltered feeling from the rest of the world, along with a superb view of the entire fjord.

The Huldrestein igloo has a black and blue theme, we have fitted it with two really comfortable rocking chairs, a beautiful lamp, a stylish table, bedside tables and clothing rack. The igloo has a private bathroom and a private jacuzzi on the terrace.

We want you to sleep well and fitted this igloo with high quality beds from Odel and goose down duvets. For the warmer days and nights, we have a new high tech portable air-condition that will help you cool down. You will also find a coffee machine, electric kettle and water dispenser that you may use to get a much needed hot or cold drink.

We value your privacy and have fitted each igloo with its own secure WIFI network, so that you may enjoy the world in peace and quiet without a worry.

What's included

King or twin bed
Air conditioner
Coffee machine
Electrical heating
Electric kettle
Private terrace
Terrace furiture
Terrace furniture
Wood burner
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