Older even than skiing, snowshoeing is one of the most ancient ways human beings have devised of travelling through a winter landscape. 6000 years ago, the first snowshoes were crafted of wood and rawhide, inspired by the tracks of animals such as the snowshoe hare. The premise then was the same as it is today: by increasing the surface area of the foot, the weight of the body is dispersed so that it does not sink into the snow – a quality known as ‘flotation’. Snowshoeing is very akin to hiking, and is easy to learn. Once you have strapped your snowshoes over your footwear and taken your first steps outside, you can head off to explore the wild terrain of the Jøkelfjord valley. You can use snowshoes available in your igloo on your own, or join a local guide on a private snowshoe hike.

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Equipment needed

Long woollen under garments
Winter shoes and clothes
Hat and mittens