Sami & Reindeer Experience


Until approximately 1500, the waterside village of Burfjord was inhabited solely by members of the Sami people – the indigenous people of northern Scandinavia, and the northernmost indigenous people on the planet. Today, although the region has become a part of Norway, the Sami continue to live and flourish here, and their ancient heritage is manifest in every aspect of their lives. During your visit, you can discover how they have remained true to their traditions whilst adapting to the conditions of the modern world.

Even today, many Sami continue to practice the traditional forms of reindeer husbandry passed down by their ancestors. Your hosts will introduce you to these noble animals, revealing how the Sami and the reindeer live together in harmony with one another, and with the natural world. You may also try crafting your own traditional Sámi handicrafts using beads or pieces of reindeer horn. A traditional Sami lunch will be served in a ‘lavvo’ conical tent, and, if you are fortunate, your hosts may sing their joik for you. Joik is the oldest continuous song tradition in Europe, with roots in pre-Christian shamanic spirituality; to witness joik is to take part in a primordial and deeply moving cultural experience.

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