13 July 2021

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Presentation: Kvænangen Gårdsprodukter

The Glacier pride ourselves in using the best local ingredients we can find, giving you a taste of the true Arctic flavours.

One of the companies that makes this possible is Kvænangen Gårdsprodukter, a small family business located in Dorras, 20 minutes away from us.
Kvænangen Gårdsprodukter specializes in meat from Old Norse Sheep, but has a wide variety of products with everything from lamb, sausages, cured meat to smoked salmon and fish burgers.
At the Glacier we always have one or two dishes with products from them in addition to small tastes of different products in our breakfast buffet.
The beautiful pelts of lamb in our Igloos are also from Kvænangen Gårdsprodukter.
If you want to buy any products from them, let us know during your stay, or contact them directly.

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