Jøkelfjord, a small place far above the Arctic Circle, only 70 inhabitants spread along the entire fjord. Is it possible to live and lead a normal life here?

Behind The Glacier is Tonny and Mira Mathiassen, and we are a married couple with two kids. Tonny is born and raised in Jøkelfjord, and met Mira when we both were living in Tromsø. Whenever we had time off, we travelled to Jøkelfjord, to experience the nature or just take a break from the busy city life.

Tonny has always been an entrepreneurial spirit, and seen opportunities wherever he’s been, and saw an enormous potential in the beautiful nature in Jøkelfjord. Mira loves working with people, and saw the makings of an exciting future in this project. So why wait, they thought, and moved to Jøkelfjord.

They bought a piece of land, built a house, started a family and got local jobs, at the same time as they worked on their plan for the future. When they moved back, there were only two children in the fjord, today there are enough children to fill a small bus, making Jøkelfjord a great place to grow up for kids. It has been so satisfying to finally open up their dream, after working with it for so many years. And they would like to wish you all, very welcome to their world!

From Jøkelfjord with love,


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